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Pozars hot springs are located on the western edge of the province Almopia and 35 km northwest of Edessa. The village of Loutraki is situated right at the foot of Mount Kaimaktsalan and is the final step towards the border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) . Spas and baths are moored at the exit of the ravine which crosses Thermopotamou (Toplitsa).

The mountain range that surrounds it is covered with lush forests of beech, oak, pine, fir, chestnut, etc. The forests are crossed by two rivers and countless streams with fantastic waterfalls. The visitor can walk and enjoy the nature through the mountain roads and international paths.

On top of Kaimakatsalan (altitude 2,524 m) and 35 km away, you find Kaimaktsalan Ski Centre with 4 ski lifts and 8 ski slopes suitable for all requirements.

The healing properties of the water are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. Also indicated that drinking cures for liver disease, kidney, bile, digestive and urinary systems.

Between the facilities of the baths there is an outdoor pool with international standards and indoor swimming pools – for groups or individual use. The cafe, the restaurant and the local market with tourism products complement the needs of a pleasant stay.

In the area you can find guesthouses and hotels of all categories with a capacity of approximately 4,000 beds, as well as restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops traditional type, bars and shops.


In Loutraki Pozar the choice of accommodation, entertainment and food goes through a wide range of businesses. Most of the accomodations are newly built, have good architecture, and modern structure. Traditionally furnished rooms and luxurious modern compose a dreamy background for those days visitors seek tranquility and relaxation ..


Loutraki Pozar-Pozar is one of the most picturesque and authentic villages of the prefecture of Pella. 13 km from Aridea, 20 km from the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan, 100 km from the city of Thessaloniki. It is the starting place for many hikers and ski enthusiasts. Wellknown for its famous springs from ancient times to the present but also for the many natural beauties.
n this picturesque village nature and culture are blessed fruit of the earth and its people. The Municipality Aridea through municipal enterprises and the Environmental Information Center organizes many activities for those who want something different in their tours. Further information you can get at the tourist information desk at the entrance of the village.

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that the letting rooms, holiday apartments and studios are the backbone of the tourist accommodations in Loutraki Pozar. There are accommodations next to the slope of the mountain, in the village and outside of it, in places frequented or away from the hustle and bustle, with simple or luxurious construction. Many of them have a reception, cafe, bar, pool, A./C, telephone center, landscaped outdoor spaces and offer comfort for the guests.


  • Trekking
  • Climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Biking - Mountain bike
  • Passage River - Flying Fox
  • Rafting
  • Kayak
  • Riding
  • Ski - Snowboard
  • Ecological tours
  • Hunting


  • The gorge Ramno Bor
  • The caves of the Baths
  • The Museum of Natural History
  • The ski center in Kaimakatsalan
  • The waterfalls in Edessa
  • The Folklore Museum Edessa
  • The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Pella


From the earliest times the thermal baths in Loutraki Pozar - renowned for their healing properties as well as for the wonderful natural landscape in which they are located. The waters of the natural hot springs comes through rocks and out of the bowels of the earth.
It provides a great experience to young and old alike. The relaxing properties of water, idyllic scenery and the excellent hospitality of the people are the best ingredients for a relaxing holiday.
Many doctors suggest spa's for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, periarthritis , osteoarthritis, the osteophytes, cervical syndrome, spinal cord injury .
Guests can enjoy this experience in the specially indoor pools or one of the individual baths or in the outdoor pool combining the relaxing properties of water with the natural beauty. The water in the pools comes from the hot springs and the external "natural" small pools . From the experts hydrants in that area can be done posotherapeia . H temperature of the hot springs pools are at 37 degrees Celsius .

We believe that now, after this short tour, it will be a temptation for you to discover Loutraki Pozar in your vacation. The choices are many and we are confident to meet your expectations. We are sure that Loutraki Pozar covers adequately all the needs, desires and pursuits of the modern visitor. See you there!

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How to find us

Follow the national road Athens - Thessaloniki to Katerini, follow the Egnatia highway. Take exit Veria and after a few miles, exit Alexandria. Continue on the road and follow the signs Yannitsa, Edessa, Skidra, Aridea. Shortly before Skidra follow the table Loutra Aridaia (Pozar Baths).

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Visit the thermal baths in Loutraki (Pozar), for summer and winter getaways.

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