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central square of Naoussa park Naoussa monument


One of the most beautiful cities of Macedonia, built on the eastern edge of the imposing massif of Mount Vermio with stunning views of the beautiful and rich plain of Thessaloniki. The capital of the homonymous province with a population of 25,000 inhabitants, combines the incomparable beauty of the valley with those of the mountain, providing a rich web of activities and services to the lucky visitor. It is located 90 km from Thessaloniki and 510 from Athens.

The architectural heritage in urban and industrial buildings reveals a city with a rich cultural past. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the special flair of the traditional neighborhoods and attractions of Naoussa starting from the Municipal Park located near the entrance of the city with magnificent views of the valley Imathia to Thessaloniki and Thermaikos. A paved pedestrian path from the green river Arapitsa with rapids and impressive waterfalls, ending in the area of sacrifice of Naoussa women in Stoumpanos.


Sights and tourist destinations in Naoussa

Within walking distance of the city lie the wonderful countryside of Naoussa. The mountain Vermio, with lush vegetation and the cool waters reaching to the west, the famous naousaiikous orchards and vineyards and reveals to nature lovers indescribable beauty.

Agios Nikolaos

Located only three kilometers from the city, hiding under the huge trees of the source of Arapitsa that with its plentiful water supplies water to the entire city and irrigates the fertile lands of the whole region. Modern sports facilities, leisure and relaxation, promenades, taverns and the municipal hotel "VERMIO" offer thousands of guests hours of relaxation and mental well being. The application in the program "LIFE" for environmental management and sustainable development is awarded by the European Union.

Other projections

In slightly longer distances, small chapels, perched on the slopes of the mountain, giving the joy of relaxation after a beautiful trip by car or on foot. (Agios Theologos, Metamorphosis, Candlemas, Prophet Elijah, Holy Archangels, Holy Trinity, Ailias, Panagiopoula etc.).

On the way to Giannakohori we meet Prodromos Monastery, which stands for Catholic architecture, with three small domes, unique sample area. In "Panagiopoula" (chapel Life Giving Spring) noteworthy is the wooden temple, with six large paintings of 1860 and iconography on all its surfaces.

Sports equipment

Naoussa has great sports facilities, which have been continually enhanced and improved. In the city the Municipal Sports Centre Naoussa (D.A.K.N.) many hundreds of athletes and sports clubs are hosted. The Stadium has a capacity of 4,000 spectators, a football, handball, basketball, volleyball, athletics and tartan, ancillary facilities and Gymnasium with a capacity of 1,000 spectators. The Sports Center "Chr. Lanaras" includes 5x5 football, basketball and volleyball. The Athletic Center of Agios Nikolaos includes tennis, football, basketball and volleyball and it is expected to be completed shortly with Indoor pool, Olympic size.

Characteristically Naoussa acquired reputation with its international level training center. The climate along with excellent environment and completeness of sports facilities of leading large teams to prepare here, with excellent results.

Winter sports

For lovers of winter sports, two major ski centers, the "Seli" and "Pigadia" are located within 18 km from the town, but each in a different direction. Marvelous runs for amateur athletes and simple, modern ski lifts and, of course, lodging accommodation and restaurants are waiting there to accommodate friends and lovers of the mountain.

The ski center "Pigadia" at an altitude of 1430-2005 m. is reached from the city by paved road. It is one of the most modern ski centers in Greece with comprehensive facilities for tourist-sports skiing. It features tracks every degree of difficulty and endurance roads runs, aerial double chair lifts and five baby lifts. "Pigadia" is the only ski resort in the country which has artificial snow system. Apart from the beautiful chalet on the top of the mountain (2005 m), the area has a hotel unit with 34 rooms (hotel and shelter), which can accommodate 100 people. It also has a restaurant, lift bar and snow bar. Other private hotel units, with appropriate equipment, are in the neighborhood "Koutsoufliani».

The wonderful climate and exceptional natural environment established "Pigadia" of the early 80s, as a preparation center for sports teams. The sports facilities include even football, gyms, indoor heated pool, sauna and other ancillary facilities.


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