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Makrigialos is a large village on the north coast of Pieria, the seat of the municipality Pydna - Kolindrou. It is a tourist resort and fishing village. Residents are Ponten, Katafygioten and Vlachs, working in agriculture (olives, cereals), fishing and mussel breeding work. There was a prehistoric settlement discovered from the Neolithic period in 1993.

Makrigialos village is located about 65 km southwest of Thessaloniki to the Greek mainland and about 21 km from Katerini.

The district includes not only Makrigialos but also the Ancient Pydna.

The main temple of the village is dedicated to St. George. There are several chapels and churches, such as Saint Paraskevi, St. John and St. Demetrius.

In cooperation with the local cultural association, in the second half of July, the "Mydochara", a local festival, is held, offering grilled mussels and wine.

The name of the village originated due to the large (long) beach. In recent decades, the wave of immigration from the village towards Europe and especially Germany were very significant.

The establishment of the village is placed into the year 1908, the first inhabitants of the village were Bosniaks and became farmers. Deaths from the Spanish flu in 1936 moved some to settle down. Domestic tourism began before the war.

In 1913 the village had 64 houses, according to a table of Ypodioikiseos Katerini. Makrigialos belonged to the municipality Kolindrou, one of the three former municipalities of Pieria. (the other two were the municipality Katerini and the community Litochorou)

Particularly appealing beyond the miles of beaches, proximity to the Mount Olympus massif. Mount Olympus, with almost 3000 meters above sea level seems to grow directly on a clear day at the edge of the village in the sky. And indeed it is after about 40 minutes reaching the parking lot of the first hiking hut at 1100 meters.

So if you want to spend his vacation not only the beach but also close to the mountains, the perfect place for your holidays is Makrigialo.

Also worth mentioning are the nearby mud and salt baths. This freely accessible, natural baths are used by the locals for decades and will certainly achieve the same therapeutic benefit as comparable bathrooms in European spas.

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