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This is a sandy beach near Ancient Pydna, (8th-7th c. BC), seat of the Bishop of present day Louloudies Kitros. 

The most important feature of the area is the internationally significant wetland, the "lagoon of Alikes Kitros". 
covering an area of approximately 15.000 stremata (150 sq. kilometres). The currents and sediment of the River Aliakmonas have created the lagoon, and there is much rare vegetation to be found here.
Ecosystems with a high salt content are only suitable for certain types of plant life and organisms, and sandbanks with characteristics similar to those of Alikes Kitros are to be found throughout North Greece. Plants which have adapted to living in these conditions include the Water Lily (Pancratium maritimum), which is one of the most beautiful examples of the flowers to be found in Greece.

You can take advantage of the harbour to moor your boat, and immediately next door to the harbour are the salt flats where salt is extracted from the seawater.

Hotels and rented rooms will take care of you in comfort during your stay, and beautiful fish taverns are there to offer you tasty fresh fish and locally produced oysters. 

Situated 20 kms from Katerini, the region's capital, Makrigialos is accessible from The National Motorway E75 (Junctions: Korinos or Nea Agathoupoli), the Old National Road from Salonika to Katerini (Junction: Alikes Kitros or Makrigialos) and from the recently completed coastal road which runs from Olympic Beach (Katerinoskala) to Nea Agathoupoli


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