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That what makes PIERIA so fascinating for its visitors, is the wide range of endless blue coasts, the Mount Olympus and the PIERIA Mountains, the extensive archaeological findings and all the other elements constituting PIERIA, a bright scale of colors and its unique physical beauty.
In this fantastic region you can find a broad variety of accommodations, the members of the Letting Rooms Federation of PIERIA welcome you to enjoy your vacation and promise you to make your stay here unforgettable, providing quality services in accommodations, restaurants, bars, good prices, respect for the clients and much more. In PIERIA more than 800 accommodations with 7500 rooms to let of all categories are promising to fulfill all of your expectations.
PIERIAS  endless beaches over a length of about 70 km, Methoni, Paralia / Katerini, Olympic Beach, Gritsa / Litochoro, Skotina, Panteleimonas, Platamonas and Nei Pori. Our beaches are awarded with the “Blue Flag”, which achieve only the cleanest and most organized beaches in Greece.
The continuous progress makes the access to all PIERIA tourist centers very easy. Today you can reach PIERIA from the national highway.

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Paralia and Olympic Beach
With the comfort of excellent infrastructure, there are running about 150 letting rooms accommodations and 160 hotels in Paralia  as well as in Olympic Beach . With its cosmopolitan character, thousands of tourists from all over Europe enjoy the various kinds of taverns, clubs, discos as well as the rich trade market. The distance from Macedonia Airport to Paralia is about85 km. The capital of PIERIA, Katerini is only about 9 km away and there are everyday bus connections to Thessalonica and Athens.
For those who adore sports except of swimming you can rent water bicycles, canoe or even do sailing or rowing. Also there are sport fields for soccer, basket, volley and beach volley.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in PARALIA

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in OLYMPIC BEACH

the sacred town of the Macedonians, was the starting point for the big historical expedition of the glorious army commander Alexander the Great. In the archeological centre of Dion were taking place the gatherings of the Macedonian Kings in order to honor the Gods of Mount Olympus. The familiar atmosphere of our letting room accommodations in Dion will fulfill all of your expectations.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in DION

Leptokaria / Leivithra
the place mythical Orpheus was buried. Situated at the foot of Mount Olympus. Here are waiting 200 tourist businesses and lodgings with 1600 rooms and 3000 beds, providing comforts which satisfy even the most elaborate demands. Leptokaria offers numerous shopping options and excellent dining suggestions and night life.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in LEPTOKARYA

The town of

Litohoro is the perfect starting point for excursions to Mount Olympus. By car you can get to the site saws. It is worth visiting the Monastery of St. Dionysius, the area of St. John, the Prophet Elijah Cross shelter and the wonderful Enipea river.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in LITOCHORO

In the area of

Makrygialo and in short distance of 2 km you will find the ancient city of Pydna, which played a significant role during the Pelopponese war. Here you will find lodgings with familiar atmosphere and all the luxury you need to enjoy your holiday.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in MAKRYGIALO

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in METHONI

N. Poroi
Situated at the foot of Mount Olympus. A modern village with young atmosphere. Its broad streets, parks and playgrounds are ideal for shopping, walking and the numerous choice of coffee-bars, restaurants and shops promise to fulfill all your demands. About 200 letting room accommodations with 3000 rooms and 6000 beds are waiting to spoil every visitor.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in NEOI POROI

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in PLATAMONAS

Olympos Olympos2 Olympos3

The village of Old Panteleimonas is a historic traditional settlement with pavement, and old houses built with stone. Here you will find the right atmosphere to relax and enjoy your coffee or to visit the restaurants.

About 200 lodgings in N. Panteleimonas with 1200 rooms and 2500 beds will make you enjoy your holiday with every comfort.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in PANTELEIMONAS

About 60 lodgings with 700 rooms to let are waiting here to show you their hospitality .

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in SKOTINA

During the winter season you can enjoy winter sports like skiing in the modern established snowcenters with its splendid equipped accommodations in
Elatochori / PIERIAS

which delights a great number of tourists every year.

Μέλη Letting Rooms and Appartments in ELATOCHORI

We are confident that the hospitality and the familiar atmosphere of all our accommodations which carry the sign of the Greek Tourist Organization in PIERIA will make your holiday here special and unforgettable.
Moreover, on your way back home, you will have earned something much more precious: Our friendship!
Among other things,“tourism” means building a more cultured and peaceful world.


  • Letting Rooms Federation of Pieria Tel. & Fax. 0030/23510/63350
  • Letting Rooms Association of Paralia Tel. & Fax. 0030/23510/63350
  • HoteliersAssociation of Paralia Tel. & Fax. 0030/23510/61893
  • Letting Rooms Association of Olympic Beach Tel. & Fax. 0030/23510/64447
  • Letting Rooms Association of Leptokaria Tel. & Fax. 0030/23520/31858 & 31859
  • Letting Rooms Association of N.Poroi Tel. & Fax. 0030/23520/42753
  • Letting Rooms Association of N.Panteleimona mobil: 0030 6948353742 & Fax. 0030 2352021802
  • Letting Rooms Association of Skotina Tel. & Fax. 0030/23520/91670 & 91667


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