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Castle of Platamonas

Castle of Platamonas


(Greek: Πλαταμώνας - Platamonas) is a town and sea-side resort in south Pieria, Central Macedonia, Greece. Platamon has a population of about 2.000 permanent inhabitants. It is part of the Municipal unit of East Olympos of the Diou-Olympos municipality.


The ancient settlement Herakleion was situated near the present town Platamon. Its most famous landmark is the 12th century Byzantine Castle of Platamon, built strategically along the main road from Thessaly to Macedonia through the Vallye of Tempe.


Platamon is situated on the Aegean Sea coast, 25 km southeast of Mount Olympus. Adjacent beach towns are Nei Pori to the southeast and Neos Panteleimonas to the northwest. It is 33 km south of Katerini and 43 km northeast of Larissa.


Platamon Castle. The 10th century medieval Castle of Platamon, is the landmark of the town. Visit the Castle and see the spectacular view.

• Take a trip to the town of Dion (29km north). Near this town there are the ruins of a whole ancient Macedonian town, ancient Dion, an important archaelogical site. You can also visit the museun of Dion with many ancient findings from that area.

• You can go by train or bus to nearby towns such as Leptokaria (about 10 minutes by train), Litochoro (about 15 minutes by train), with nice beaches, many cafe bars, beach bars and taverns. The latter is a popular starting point for activities such as climbing and mountaineering. Litochoro is the basis of the Greek Mountaineering Club and member of the Greek Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing. You can go climbing or/and mountaineering in mount Olympos (2,917m) the highest mountain in Greece and the house of ancient greek gods.


• Akti Platamona
Akti Platamona is one of the longest beaches in Greece. Most of the beach is sandy with many sea games available and lifeguards. Near the beach there are lots of beach bars, cafeterias, and taverns.

Platamonas is a small town with a population of about 2,000 permanent inhabitants. Platamonas is located in eastern Olympus Riviera, an area with many destinations for tourists such as Litochoro, Katerini, Leptokaria, Neoi Poroi. It is part of the Municipal unit of East Olympos of the Dio-Olympos municipality. Platamonas is near two cities. It is 38 km south of Katerini and 49 km northeast of Larissa. The town is easily accessible by train and bus with many routes every day. The train station is located in a nearby town, Nei Pori, wich is accessible even on foot from Platamonas. The nearest airport is International Airport Makedonia in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is 104km north of Platamonas, (about 1 hour by train - 1 hour and 10 minutes by bus). Platamonas is one of the most famous summer destinations in the area with many hotels, beach bars, taverns, restaurants and beach bars. The tourists mainly come from nearby cities and towns or from other countries, mainly from Eastern Europe.


Akadimia Platamona (Platamon Academy) is a Greek footballclub, based in Platamon, Pieria. In 2012, the club were promoted to Football League 2 after finishing the champions of Group 3 of Delta Ethniki, the fourth tier of the Greek football league system. Eventually the small club decided that promotion to this level was a step too far and they cooperated with Aiginiakos who took over their place at the third level. Akadimia Platamona still exist having been demoted to the Local Championship of Pieria for the 2012/13 season. The club play their home matches at the Nei Pori Stadium in nearby Neoi Poroi.

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Platamon - night view

Platamon - night view

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